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My favorite aspect of the butter is how soft my skin feels! It adds an extra layer of softness that I feel a lot of brands are missing. The smell is very warming so I always made sure to put it on at night after my shower to relax for bed. The butter also has a nice shine to it when you apply it. My skin is dry and sensitive so I need all the moisture that I can get. It also has great longevity. 

The Honeydew Melon Body Harmony & Co. butter was AMAZING. The texture was a lot smoother and whipped than most of the butters I tried and I love that. Made it so much easier to equally distribute on my body. Smell was GREAT, but not too strong. Still felt really natural. Woke up after moisturizing the previous night, still feeling smooth. After I finished my jar, I noticed my skin was definitely missing it.

I love using the honeydew melon scented whipped Shea butter. I like to use it for special occasions such as a night out for dinner or plans with friends so that I smell amazing and my body feels soft and looks well moisturized. I love how the butter melts on my skin and mixes in nicely without having to use much product. The thing I enjoy most is that it doesn't leave an oily residue on my skin but it absorbed in my skin and not on my clothes or other surfaces around the house.

Hello Teria,

Just want to reach out to let you know how marvelous your butter is. I have been treating my feet for years for dry and cracked feet. My feet now are soft as a baby. THANK YOU SO MUCH

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